International Lifecoach/Fitness Presenter

Steve is a life coach, motivational speaker and
international fitness presenter that has inspired thousands of people
all over the world with his motivational sessions.
He is also a fitness specialist awarded with many international awards.
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Signing up for Steve’s Inner Circle has been life changing for me. It’s such a beautiful community of love, growth, support, chearing and coaching through Zumba Fitness and the Steveness is fantastic. He lifts me up to a higher level, so I become a better version of me.
Lots of love!
Hanne , Denmark
Steve Boedt is my all-time favourite Zumba® Instructor. His energy and charisma lights up the room, and that’s before he starts dancing… His playlists are the perfect mix of world rhythms, and hits from across the years – there’s something for everyone! His choreo routines are fresh and really fun. He is the master of cueing, so his classes are easy to follow no matter what your dance level. He is inspiring & relatable, which makes his classes so much more than just a dance fitness class. Try a Steve Boedt class, you’ll feel uplifted and energised,and you won’t want class to end.
Grace , Ireland

‘Treat people for who they are capable of being, and you will help them become that.’