Invincible – Life Coaching program

Do you feel like..

  • You need to build more confidence?
  • Learn to set your boundaries
  • Know how to prioritize
  • Put yourself first again
  • Make a new change in your life
  • Learn how to live a happy life again?

Introducing Invincible – Life Coaching program by Steve Boedt.

Every Wednesday, from 9 pm Brussels time, I will present a webinar for you to grow with your mindset and confidence!

We are starting on January 25 and finishing the whole program at the end of November 2023!

And if you can not join the live coaching, we will record them so you can see them on your own time.

What will you learn?

  • Set goals that you can achieve
  • Change bad habits into good habits
  • Build your confidence like a muscle
  • Set your boundaries towards others
  • Learn communication skills
  • Block your roadblocks
    and so much more!

When and where will it take place?

  • Every Wednesday, starting with January 25, from 9 PM Brussels time, LIVE on Zoom.
  • Each coaching session will take between 30-60 minutes
  • You will have access to all the recordings in case you cannot make it to the coaching on some weeks

The Invincible program will be available for free for all Inner Circle members.

If you are not an Inner Circle member yet, you can get access to this program:

1)  by joining the Inner Circle and get exclusive access to:

  • Invincible – Life Coaching program, PLUS
  • 3 live classes online weekly
  • 1 on 1 coaching with Steve
  • webinars with trainings for teaching skills
  • video library of 150+ recordings of classes and webinars
  • free access to all Steve’s live events worldwide
  • international guest presenters
  • warmup mixes
  • in-person teambuilding weekends
  • and soooo much more extras online

Sign up now for $39.95/month or $399/year!

Become an Inner Circle Member

2)  by joining just the Invincible – Life Coaching program and get access to 10 months of weekly LIVE webinars and their recordings.

Sign up now for this great deal of just €199/for 10 months of coaching . Normal price of this coaching program is €499

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