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Step Up Your Instructor Game

Join the Inner Circle today and take the first step towards becoming the confident, successful instructor you’ve always wanted to be!

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Step Up Your Instructor Game

Join the Inner Circle today and take the first step towards becoming the confident, successful instructor you’ve always wanted to be!

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Being a part of the Inner Circle is like finding the home you were never looking for but can’t imagine living without. The IC “community” is just what the word implies, an all inclusive community. With a supply of unlimited virtual classes, webinars, and even personal coaching, Steve has built a foundation of unconditional love and support for members to become better versions of themselves. Whether that means becoming a better instructor or an all around better human being. I say take the lead and make the leap! It’s worth every penny!

Prescott, United States

Steve Boedt Inner Circle is not only about trainings, Zumba and webinars. It’s about people connecting with each other, giving kind words, inspiration, comfort and advice. Nobody is ever left alone. We give hope, confidence, smile and love to each other. For me Inner Circle is dance, smile, love, hope and togetherness guided by the best Teacher, Coach, Hero and Mentor you can have. Thank you Steve Boedt

Laila, Denmark

There sure are not enough words to express how much I love being part of you’re Inner Circle, having the pleasure to see you almost every week, dancing with you online, but in real time as often as possible… and listening to you’re uplifting and helpful workshops. And on top of all, a great group of friends… from all over the world ! Thank you Steve, you’re the one and only

Barbara, Switzerland

Best decision I made by joining IC. Love the classes and webinars Keep learning with the best

Rikke, Denmark

So why Steve Boedt & why the Inner Circle?
A great instructor, warm hearted, professional and most of all he listens& guides me to the next level so I can grow.
The IC for me is my Zumba supportive family. We have fun& spoil each other, listen to each other & give feedbacks.
It’s like when I’m with them I’m complete. I’m me.
Thank you Steve for being you & for letting me to be a part of IC

Hamsah, Denmark

It feels great to get to know Steve and follow his live classes every week! But above that I found myself a warm, active and supportive community of people all around the world, a fantastic new instructor (Beatrice) with weekly live classes as well and a lot of useful education. Came in for a month but never will leave.

Marion, The Netherlands

Hi I am Fenny from Indonesia, I love Steve’s classes because it’s so easy to follow, his cues are amazing. I try to learn from the recorded videos and the best thing of it is I can choose my own time. I love the music and the moves, I can join him all around the world virtually. It’s the best investment I have ever made so far. Love from Indonesia

Fenny, Indonesia

Steve’s classes are great fun and something I look forward to every week, be it live or the recorded sessions.  On top of this he gives us regular coaching sessions and webinars to help us develop our Zumba careers and classes with the amazing Beatrice.  My confidence has grown immensely since I joined and I owe it all to Steve.
He is fun, approachable and makes us all feel like family. Can’t recommend the Inner Circle enough.

Sharon, United Kingdom


Why should I join the Inner Circle and not pay just for individual Zumba classes with Steve?2023-02-16T17:36:30+01:00

The Inner Circle gives you far more benefits than Zumba classes with Steve. Besides classes with him, you also get:

  • Access to two more Zumba classes with AMAZING instructors ZJ Beatrice Coman and ZIN Shari Huyers
  • 1:1 coaching sessions with Steve that are EXCLUSIVE for Inner Circle members
  • Access to Steve’s newest life coaching program, Invincible
  • Free access to most of Steve’s live Masterclasses
  • And many other benefits that would cost you more if you would pay separately.
Is the Inner Circle only for instructors?2023-02-16T17:43:20+01:00

The short answer is no. Any Zumba lover can benefit from this platform to grow on a personal level through our life coaching and 1:1 sessions, and to have fun dancing and connecting with other members. However, instructors are likely to get more out of this platform as it was designed with them in mind.

On what days and times are the classes and coaching sessions happening?2023-02-16T17:42:57+01:00

Here is the weekly schedule of our Inner Circle events (Brussels timezone):

  • Every Monday, 8 PM – Zumba with ZIN Shari Huyers
  • Every Tuesday, 7 PM – Zumba with ZJ Beatrice Coman
  • Every Wednesday, 9 PM – INVINCIBLE Life Coaching with Steve Boedt and Andrea Bollella
  • Every Thursday, 6 PM – Zumba with ZES Steve Boedt

On top of this, one week per month we have 1:1 Coaching Sessions on Monday from 7 PM and Tuesday from 8 PM.

What happens if I cannot make it to live classes and coaching sessions? Can I watch the recordings?2023-02-16T17:44:06+01:00

No problem. All our events are recorded and available to watch on-demand through our members’ dashboard.

Do I have to attend all the classes and sessions to achieve results? I don’t have enough time to put into this.2023-02-16T17:45:33+01:00

No, you don’t have to attend all our weekly classes and sessions to grow yourself as an instructor or as a person. It depends on your goals and what areas you want to improve:

  • If you want to work on your instructor skills or get choreo inspiration, we recommend you join 1:1 coaching sessions to receive personal feedback and to watch our Zumba classes (live or on-demand).
  • If you want to have fun, destress yourself, and connect with our instructors and community, we recommend you join at least one of our live Zumba classes.
  • If you want to work on your personal growth, we recommend you join the Invincible Life Coaching sessions and 1:1 coaching sessions.


Can I have a 1:1 session with Steve Boedt?2023-02-16T17:46:27+01:00

YES! Inner Circle Members can book 15 minutes of 1:1 coaching with Steve every month. The 1:1 coaching sessions take place one week per month, on Monday from 7 PM and Tuesday from 8 PM. (Brussels timezone)

What payment methods do you accept?2023-02-16T17:47:12+01:00

We accept payments through PayPal, automatically debited every month or year, depending on the type of membership plan.

How can I connect with the other members?2023-02-16T17:48:52+01:00

There are multiple ways in which you can connect with the other members:

  • By joining our WhatsApp chat
  • By joining our Facebook group
  • By joining our live classes
  • By joining the Inner Circle Weekend events, which are in-person team-building weekends happening two times per year in Bruges.
If I have any questions or need help with my membership account, who do I contact?2023-02-16T17:50:02+01:00

You can contact Carmen, our customer support person and website admin, anytime through our WhatsApp chat or on our support email. If you are not a member yet but have a question for us, contact us HERE.

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