Steve is a certified life and health coach, motivational speaker and international fitness presenter that has inspired thousands of people all over the world with his motivational sessions.

Steve had presented his workshops in over 90 different countries worldwide.

Together with his friend Kass Martin they have inspired and trained people all over the globe to start believing in their potential. Life coaching is not about fixing problems. It’s about changing your direction in life to unleash your maximum potential. People are capable of more than they believe in!

Life coaching helps them see what direction they should go! Sometimes we feel like we are stuck, not knowing what direction to go. Well, even if you are stuck, not knowing where to go, you know you can’t stay here. Clarity comes from taking action! Steve will help you take action forward. Doesn’t matter what direction. There are many possibilities.

More than what you could dream of!

Life coaching is like going to the gym, but BETTER…  the results are forever!
Once you make the changes, you will see the results right away. And the results have a lifelong impact!
Clients that booked a coaching session with Steve have changed their life for the better. Just imagine who you can be in 3 months from now… You can never dream enough!

Now let’s make them reality!

Steve has international recognition for both his original boundary pushing concepts and workshops as well as his approachable yet larger than life personality.

Steve has presented many workshops worldwide with his friend Kass Martin

  • Be an inspiration
  • The power of ME
  • The power of connection
  • The power of YOU
  • Set your boundaries
  • The keys to the city
  • The art of selfishness
  • The art of connection
  • The confidence lie