Meet the Coach: Andrea Bollela

My name is Andrea and I have been Steve’s student for many years. I have attended all his webinars, workshops and life coaching courses taking to heart all his invaluable teachings throughout the years. I am very inspired and addicted to life coaching because practice makes it better. I cannot get enough of it.
Changing your life and your habits can only happen when it is done on a daily basis (just like going to the gym, but for the soul); and thanks to Steve I have been able to make such amazing progresses in my personal and working life. One of the most important lesson I learned throughout the years is to look at yourself as the best version of you and practice it. As they say: “fake it until you make it!” (Thanks Steve, it works!).
Additionally, I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years as a student and an instructor and the key to confidence should be a class on his own into the weekly schedule. Learning never ends.
I have also been gifted with being an empathic: it means I am able to read and feel another person’s feelings and emotions a lot stronger than a regular person (it can be a curse sometimes!), which gives me the ability to understand and look at the big picture in someone’s life always regarding their emotions and helping them with a balance.
I CANNOT wait to put my experience to the service of the Inner Circle and assist Steve’s students to the best of their abilities. The act of service is one of the five love languages and it always gives me so much joy.