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  • Every Wednesday, at 21:00 CET / 15:00 ET, LIVE on Zoom,
  • Each coaching session will take between 30-60 minutes
  • You will have access to all the recordings

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What previous Invincibles are saying

Jenny, Germany

At the beginning of the year 2023 I felt a little lost, not knowing where life will lead me. But with the coaching sessions there was a weekly date with me and people who are on the same vibe like me. That gives me so much power and confidence to truly believe more in myself and starting to grow as fast as i could not imagine. A big thank you to Steve and Andrea for the great topics every week, for your guidance and your trust in every single INVINCIBLE of us

Nicky, United Kingdom

I have been a part of this coaching from day one. I just wanted a little look on the first week. HOWEVER I became fascinated with the weekly topics and loved applying the coaching to my everyday life. The topics are delivered in such an interesting easy to follow way it has been a pure joy to follow which is amazing for me because I often drop out of things. This program was so good! I made time and effort to do it and often now rewatch the recordings when life happens and I need support to go back on track. It helped me to find my confidence again and follow my heart and it turned me back into the butterfly I used to be! I cannot recommend this coaching enough.

Rikke, Denmark

My confidence have gone from zero to 100 during my weekly sessions with Steve and Andrea. I needed this after becoming a Zumba instructor but also in my personal life. I have now the right tools and skills to keep moving forward even if the program is finished but you can never learn too much. I have loved learning from you guys and I will be forever grateful. Now I can finally look at myself and think that I’m good enough, that I’m beautiful inside and out and that what others may think about me is none of my business. Love you guys

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